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Reprographics / Prepress Services

Reprographics, or the reproduction of graphics, is in heavy use in modern businesses. The standardization of color has played a significant part in reprographics. We deliver both quality and quantity at much increased speed, thereby saving a good deal of time and cost.

"Reprographics" or "Pre-press" is a process where the artwork is been made print ready so as to give it to the printer/converter.

That's why we offer Reprographics, a service that delivers digital files ready for print so that the brand colors are always consistent, no matter what surface they appear on. Whether your packaging needs call for metal, plastic or paper print media, we ensure that the colors are always bright and true on any product. Our experts work tirelessly throughout the entire graphical supply chain to provide a high-caliber finished product.

We utilize our reprography skills to make the printing process more efficient and the printed product look incredible, all while keeping costs down. We use color systems that are customized to replicate the exact shades used in your brand texts and images, simultaneously boosting cost effectiveness by reducing PMS colors and ink rejects from the printer. Our affordable Repro & Pre-media Services ensure a professional level of quality that makes your brand stand out from the rest.

Our prepress activities include:
  •   Artwork Trapping
  •   Color Separation
  •   Advanced Retouching
  •   Defining Pantone Color Shades
  •   Print-Ready File Creation
  •   Preserve Printer Specifications

Validating artwork against appropriate press settings to ensure all components of the design can be reproduced on the press perfectly without any complications ensuring proper result as desired.