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Digital Image Services

Digital images are created by taking a photo with a digital camera or by scanning a photographic print. Digital imaging services enhancing the object or images to improves the brand value.

Image Cut-Outs & Masking :

Extracting the main subject out of a distracting background is a science in itself which Vismaya excels at, using masking and cut-outs.

Color Enhancing :

High quality color is paramount to each and every project. Vismaya has a slew of methods and processes in place to give you that cutting-edge color across platforms and media.

Retouching :

Cleaning images to remove unwanted elements like dust and scratches is a tedious task which is best done at Vismaya.

Image Manipulation :

Vismaya's creative team can morph and bring together various elements of illustrations and design to give you highly creative covers and layout designs.

Raster to Vector Conversion :

Raster to Vector conversion based on set algorithms and settings can be done very quickly at Vismaya.

Digital Art Creation:

Digital art is an artistic work or practice that uses digital technology as an essential part of the Vismaya's creative presentation process.